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Sporting events, international matches and world championships… these gatherings welcome large numbers of people who simply wish to experience and enjoy a sporting event.
This experience starts at reception, a synonym for organisation and fluidity. Visitors are directed calmly to their seats without noticing.

ELISPORT: A Personalised tool / ticketing sporting events

ticketing sporting events

Traffic flow optimisation for an audience which is free to more around and access all services.

There are two sides to the reception of a mass audience. From a visitor perspective, there must be fluid and efficient movement between entrance and seat, enabling access all services (restaurants, bars shops), as well as controlled access to parking. From an organisational perspective, everything must be expertly controlled, including ticketing sporting events, ticketing access, headcounts, rectification of irregularities and management of entrance flows. 

Fixed or mobile controls can be installed in any location and adapted to a wide audience. Immediate recognition of season ticket holders encourages customer loyalty. Specialised equipment, such as giant screens, improves the quality of reception on site and provides an alternative to the traditional ticket.

Specific Modules

Individual or collective booking
Online payment system
Access history

ticketing sporting events
ticketing sporting events