Bathing areas,
Ice rinks,
Water parks

Elisath access controls are strategic points for accessing the space dedicated to your activity, reinforcing the image of your enterprise, a synonym of modernity, efficiency and freedom. We are constantly searching for innovative solutions, in order to offer you intelligent and customised access controls.

ELISO/ELIGLISS: ticketing pool, Solution in Your Image

ticketing pool

Efficient ticketing solutions and optimised access controls for effective management.

Diversify and adapt – two fundamental concepts we share with you. Our constantly evolving range of services responds to the expectations of demanding clients. What could be more enjoyable than free movement between one space and another? From the bathing area to the restaurant via the spa.

Our expertise and know-how, our use and mastery of innovative technologies, enable us to meet your expectations, to create access points for every space, for every situation and for every client. It is our job to consider your requests and propose your ideal solution.

ticketing pool

Flexibility and Performance

Simple, rapid and effective management.

Intuitive, adaptable and secure.

Our software is configurable and modular.

ticketing pool