Cultural venues

Museums are much more than just places of conservation, research and exhibition.
They are now living environments in which the public is king. Places which strive to convey knowledge and develop customer loyalty, where everything is designed to appeal to the young and old. The attractiveness of these cultural spaces starts at the moment when the ticket is booked. Just a few clicks are enough to devise a full day’s programme of activities.

ELISART: Facilitating Customer Relations, Booking and Online Ticketing

ticketing museums conservation

Single tickets or season tickets – anything is possible.

Wander the aisles, attend a show, take part in a workshop, visit the shop or choose to take a tour… in the face of this array of services, online ticket management is indispensable.

It reduces waiting time at the tills, increases sales of add-on services and is perfectly adapted to selling single tickets with bar codes or season tickets with contactless cards which the visitor can retain.

ELISART also gives you the opportunity to view the number of visitors in each space with controlled access, and thus to regulate visitor numbers in different rooms.

Specific Modules

Mobile reader for temporary exhibitions
Multi-museum pass
Customer relations
Guide management
B2B module

ticketing museums conservation
ticketing museums conservation