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Elisath regulates the cost of public pools

Aquatic centres, skating rink or congress centres have heavy operating expenses which can be loss-making activities, much to the disappointment of the local communities.

Created in MESSEIN in the Meurthe-et-Moselle area, Elisath offers a software that controls heating, electricity and consumption according to users access in real time.

The founder, Elisabeth Ferlet explains that when there is a peak of visitors, the system takes into account the warmth of the visitors and the energy generated by the working devices. The consequence is that the heating can be reduced according to the selected equipment, it can improve the water treatment and / or the ventilation.

Presently, Ms Ferlet has 30 employees and achieves a 5 million € turnover.

With this software called « Eligreen », the operator of the site can precisely estimate the operating costs. He can select the programmes according to the benefit he is looking for.

Tertiary buildings

 At present, even if local communities and their partners, public service delegations are Elisath’s main clients, these system can be interesting for people living in buildings for tertiary use.

As for an example, the company has invested in the software and announces it has saved 30% of energy consumption. Originally, the company was specialised in ticketing services and access control systems. It is still engaged in this activity.

« After a professional experience, I met by chance someone who led me to the idea of creating this company in 1995. » Elisabeth Ferlet graduated from a business school and remembers beginning to equip the Colmar’s skating rink.

Today, in France, almost 80% of the public aquatic centres use these softwares. Besides these French facilities, Elisath is present in Belgium, Ivory Coast, Benin, Switzerland.
In 2017, the Lorraine company equipped the ticketing and access control lagoon garages in Abidjan. She considers continuing these programmes in other African capitals.