A new commercial success for Elisath in Abidjan

Elisath became partner of the STL – SOCIETE DES TRANSPORTS LAGUNAIRES.
Subsidiary of the group SNEDAI, STL is specialized in public passenger shipping transport on Abidjan’s lagoon. STL is one out of the two private operators allowed to assure better access to the water of Abidjan, so-called « La Perle des Lagunes ».

At the beginning of April, as part of the STL business start-up, Elisath successfully launched the first access to the fleet of 6 boats. Its monitoring system provides access control and ticketing services through mobile or fixed telephone in the Laguna stations of Abidjan.

Introduced by Elisath, this new system can quickly handle the flow of passengers. In the coming year, it will be able to integrate the arrival of 10 new boats.
Elisath is proud to take part in the improvement of people’s mobility, especially with modern transport mode for the capital of Ivory which is estimated to around 5 million inhabitants.

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