Anticipate, Advise, Master – Qualities without Borders

Elisath is the French market leader in computerised ticketing and access controls for sports facilities, holding 80% of the French market in swimming pools. We have striven to consolidate our lead by promoting our expertise at an international level and we are now a recognised provider in many countries with major sporting and cultural infrastructures. Norway, Belgium, Switzerland, Singapore, Gabon and Albania are just a few examples.

Skills in action

Elisath relies on its expertise in a profession which it has mastered for more than 20 years. Our involvement in major projects represents our genuine commitment to coordinating technical and human skills and to providing a “tailor-made” service.

International development

We now have an established international presence, with more than 800 clients in France and around the world. Our clients’ confidence and our reactivity beyond borders are genuine reasons for us to continue in this direction. 

Elisath exports to Singapore

Set on the hilltops at Fort Canning, the Singapore Pinacothèque de Paris is a resource for the promotion of culture. The ticket control facilities on site are designed by Elisath.