Energy optimization

In parallel with an approach focused on the valorization of HQE materials, our desire is to combine the notion of innovation with that of sustainable management and cost reduction.

The expertise of our profession, the involvement of high level engineers, our commitment to R&D allow us to propose a unique and innovative concept, EliGreen.

EliGreen : Solution for the energy optimization of your spaces

energy optimisation

Decision support tools, prediction of consumption,
Real time calculation of your break-even point

To reach our goal, we carry our reflection as soon as the project is planned.
Our team of engineers cheks each station and models an optimum configuration of the exploitation of your site.

Our EliGreen tool ensures you a tailor-made management and offers you, from the outset, real-time visibility, with the opportunity to react and adapt, in the moment, each operating data.

Optimized interface

Thermal study
Calculation of heating requirements
in ventilation, air conditioning
Meter readings
Calculation of the theoretical consumption
Scheduling management
Cost and Revenue Analysis
Historical and statistical