Ms Elisabeth FERLET did not wait to start getting interested in wellness at work or quality of life at work and it to be trendy.

« Charity begins at home »

There is a saying which says : « Charity begins at home », this hyperactive CEO started getting interested very early in everything which could improve balance and comfort of her professional environment.

In her life, she had to go through stressful working conditions and tiring times as a high performance athlete, who managed to include : feeding, relaxation and concentration techniques to her life style.
This enabled her to lead effectively this modern fight of managing this High Tech SME.
Her knowledge and openess to new management approaches made her set up a « wellness room » for her staff.
This room has a relaxation area, an « Espace détente » equipped with a fabulous music therapy sphere.

Musical sphere

Imported from Switzerland, this sphere is one of the best in the world.
Comfortably settled in an armchair, this hectic software developer will be able to find serenity within 10 minutes, while listening to very sophisticated musical programmes. This relaxation time acts on our nervous system and psychic state. The results are breathtaking because you get out with a fresh conscious of mind and a beautiful energy which will remain with you all day.

This sphere encounters a great success among the cartesian staff, to some extent, that Ms Ferlet thinks of promoting it commercially !

ZEN garden

Another focus on nature and life elements. Ms Ferlet had to restore a green space located in the heart of the building, she asked an inspired architect to plant and improve the garden into a Zen garden.

The results are obvious, everyone enjoys it, the garden spreads wellness on all the staff and on the entire building.