Theme parks

Access to the park marks the start of a day of celebration where the commonplace is replaced by intense moments of magic and surprise. Whether visitors are alone, with the family or in a group, everything is arranged so that the programme runs smoothly. Online booking, ticket machines, pre-paid tickets or tills… the first point of contact is crucial.

ELIPARC: Ticketing access park , to Match Your Expertise

Preparing a trip in advance

Anyone can now organise a trip before leaving home. Individual or group bookings can be made directly via your website.

Each visitor must simply register and create a personal space, where he/she can construct a personalised schedule. The visitor can choose a date or time slot, renew a season ticket, view the order history and enjoy the guarantee of secure online payment. These multiple functions offer greater freedom and ensure each customer enjoys a perfectly-organised trip, without having to wait in line at the tills. 

This list is not exhaustive. We can also offer additional benefits for optimised management of all your spaces.

Ticketing access park
Ticketing access park

 A high level web management

Three key stages: consult, book, pay
Access via PC tablet, Smartphone or online
Till management (restaurants, shops…)
Parking control management

Ticketing access park